Zaynab Sheeth, Founder of ZS Camouflage

Founded in 2018 by accredited paramedical tattoo artist, Zaynab Sheeth, ZS Camouflage was created to provide a solution to her vast clientele who expressed dissatisfaction with the scar-treatment products available in the market today.

By combining her 11 years of expertise in cosmetic tattoo artistry and emerging technologies, she developed her own technique of blending pigments and inks to perfectly match each individual skin tone, allowing her to offer her clients a service not yet available in Australia – an affordable and permanent tattoo to effectively conceal scar tissue.

Zaynab perfected her art with industry leaders in London and Brazil, and the high-calibre of her work has gained her a loyal following, making her dermatologists’ preferred provider for the service.

She now dedicates her craft to restoring confidence to those struggling with all forms of scar tissue, many of whom travel interstate for her expert skill.

Through extensive experience, Zaynab has demonstrated she can successfully treat many forms of scar tissue in one or two sessions, including those sustained from injuries, skin diseases and pregnancy.

She has also expanded her practice to provide this life-altering procedure to address other superficial concerns such vitiligo – the only known treatment to effectively mask the condition.


"I’ve met hundreds of women who have put so much time, money and energy into surgeries to make them feel confident, only to be back at square one with the scars that are left behind. I’ve also met people who carry self-harm scars from their past who want to live their lives without feeling ashamed."

My mission is not to enhance or change what we were born with, but to restore the skin from any trauma it’s experienced, back to its beautiful, original state.”

Zaynab Sheeth


What We Believe

ZS Camouflage believes confidence and self-esteem to exist at the heart of our universal wellbeing. Our bodies are our temples - how we see ourselves is how we treat ourselves, while our perceptions are ours and ours only. Camouflage tattoos and scar lightening treatments can help not only in the way we perceive our bodies, but also aid in the healing process after various skin procedures are performed. From the post-trauma of mastectomies to the more aesthetic cosmetic procedures, choosing our treatments can be life-changing, rewarding and uplifting. 

That’s why, at ZS Camouflage, only the most advanced and unparalleled skin treatment and exceptional service is offered for every one of our unique clients.

Advanced & Unparallelled Skin Treatments

The first of its kind in Australia, ZS’ camouflage tattoo and scar treatments breed ingenuity and innovation. Using only researched and evidence-based approaches, you will walk away with confidence knowing that you are receiving the most sophisticated and informed treatments for all your concerns around surgical scars, stretch marks and other imperfections. Recommended and trusted by medical professionals (surgeons, doctors and dermatologists) and beauty specialists (aestheticians and beauty consultants), our chief paramedical tattoo artist, Zaynab Sheeth herself, works directly with you and accomplished experts from all around the world to deliver impressive results. 

Exceptional Service

Your wellbeing and comfort are at the forefront of everything for which ZS Camouflage stands. This is achieved through the standard of the services provided. With unconditional commitment to you and your treatment goals, the most personalised experience is guaranteed.  Only skin-centric services are offered, including camouflage tattoo therapy, scar relaxation techniques and 4D breast-related tattooing, which means the focus remains on providing superior visible and effective outcomes for any skin type. With options for all of our sustainably-conscious clients, ZS Camouflage also offers services that use only 100% plant-based ink so that you have complete comfort, control and confidence in your choices. 

You are Unique

Everybody is different - so is every body. With a culture of inclusiveness, respect and appreciation for every individual, you will be seen, heard and treated as the unique person you are. Treatments and services are tailored to your own skin type and all factors of your preferences are carefully considered. Your personal experiences and reasons for having paramedical tattoo therapies are valued, respected and, most importantly, accepted. Whether you visit ZS Camouflage because you are self-conscious, have low self-esteem or simply want to feel the way you did before you had children, know you are in a safe space. A space where you are free to transform and restore your body - without judgement.